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Memorial Day Weekend – Schedule of events

Sunday May 26, 2024

8:00 – Harmony Cemetery (Ipswich Rd. near Kelsey Rd.)

  • Veterans and scouts decorate graves
  • Prayer
  • Volley and Taps

8:30 – Round Top (Curtis Guild Camp off of Roundtop Road)

Veterans will gather at the campsite to remember those who prepared for military duty at this historic location.

  • Reading
  • Volley and Taps

9:00 – Ancient Cemetery

  • Placing of flag
  • Prayer
  • Volley and Taps

9:30 – James L. Melvin Green

  • Placing of wreaths at monuments
  • Prayer
  • Volley and Taps

10:15 – First Church Congregational (East Boxford)

10:30 – Church Service

Veterans will march into church as a unit, covered, and will proceed to designated pews. Uncover after placing of the colors.

At the end of the service veterans will cover and depart following the color bearers.

March to Village Cemetery following the service

  • Decorate graves
  • Volley and Taps
  • March back to church and fall out

Memorial Day

Monday May 27, 2024

8:30 – Mount Vernon Cemetery

  • Veterans form up and march into cemetery
  • Graves decorated by veterans and scouts
  • Prayer
  • Volley and Taps

9:00 – Parade Assembly – West Boxford Library

  • Coffee and doughnuts for the marchers
  • Units form into parade order

9:30 – Parade steps off

Parade marches down Washington Street to Main Street, then turns right onto Main Street and continues to Brookside Cemetery.

Brookside Cemetery

  • Graves decorated by veterans and scouts
  • Musical selections – Spofford Pond Band
  • Prayer
  • Volley and Taps
  • Musical selections – Campbell Highlanders

Parade reforms and returns to the Second Congregational Church green and monument area for the Memorial Day ceremony.

Last updated: 05/15/2024